October 24, 2018 4:34:43 PM EAT / by Phanice Mumbi posted in journalist, kenyamediaweek


The Kenya Media Week forum happened last month and the following are highlights picked up from the discussion. 


Fake News.

Due to the rise of fake content being circulated, most editors are very curious to know where journalists source their stories from. They often ask questions like, " What do you know? " and " How do you know it? ". This is not because they don't trust the journalists, but to ensure that the stories are verified. Most media houses/journalists are sometimes misled by their sources of information. Stories have to be counter-checked because almost everyone wants to avoid being sued for defamation.

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Journalism Career Paths

October 17, 2018 9:21:52 AM EAT / by Dorothy Michieka posted in blogger, mass communication, journalist, AfricaDigitalMediaInstitute, ContentCreation


 Some of us knew what we wanted to be growing up. However, some of us did not. Growing up, all I wanted to be was a journalist. Wear gorgeous clothes and read the news! For me, that was the coolest thing to do. Going through campus, I still had my dream and I pictured myself( looking fabulous) and impacting masses with information. I wanted to write stories so powerful that would revolutionize the media industry. The short of it is that, no I did not get to be that anchor on the TV. I'm doing something else that I never pictured for myself that I absolutely love. If you are like me, the girl not on TV but passionate about Journalism, here are some career paths in Journalism that you should consider as well.

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How to be a successful blogger

January 24, 2018 8:12:24 PM EAT / by Muthoni Njoki posted in Multimedia, mass comm, blogging, blogger,, online journalism, journalism, mass communication, journalist



Q&A: Secrets on how to be a successful Blogger/Online Journalist 

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