A Career As A Social Media Consultant

October 25, 2018 4:45:00 PM EAT / by Muthoni Njoki posted in social media marketing, digital marketing strategy


By day, Olivia Ambani is a Nairobi-based social media consultant and visual designer. By night, she is an upcoming singer - songwriter with a beautiful voice. Olivia holds a BA in Communications and Media and MA in Design from the University of Leeds. Olivia describes a social media consultant as, “Someone who creates content for social media platforms.”

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Q&A: Secrets to being a Digital Marketer

March 21, 2018 2:17:36 AM EAT / by Muthoni Njoki posted in digital marketing, digital marketing in kenya, Gesora Mwasi, Sage Identity, course on digital marketing, digital marketer, digital marketing strategy

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On Being a Digital Marketing Strategist.

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Gesora Mwasi is an entrepreneur who has been running his own digital marketing strategy firm, Sage Identity, for the past 2 years. Before that he’d worked at a corporate for 3 years managing their digital media department. We caught up with him to learn how he came to be a digital marketing strategist.

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