3 Ways To Monetize Your App

December 2, 2017 4:03:00 PM EAT / by Muthoni Njoki posted in mobile apps, Game Development, Monetization,


The question that most aspiring software engineers have is how does one monetize their application? As an aspiring software engineer you already know that you will spend a lot of time and money to perfecting your craft and as such need to find ways to recoup the investment. Regardless of the industry be it gaming, finance, retail, you should be able to make money off the mobile application that you have built.

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What do digital marketers do?

November 29, 2017 3:35:21 PM EAT / by Abigail Arunga posted in digital marketing, course on digital marketing, what is a digital marketer, Lucy Wamuyu, Belva Digital


What you need to know about being a digital marketer.

Lucy Wamuyu is a professional digital marketer who works for Belva Digital in Nairobi. She shared some tips with us about how to make business and branding look good online.

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What Is Game Development?

November 26, 2017 10:01:00 AM EAT / by Abigail Arunga posted in Animation, software engineering, gaming, software development, Game Development, females in gaming, Amina Kombo

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Game Development & Design 101.

Does anything to do with gaming sound like Greek to you? Understandable -when you don't know the lingo, it can sound like a completely different language. We talked to Amina Kombo, who does a lot of things online for a living - including making games, and what it takes. Hopefully this will give you a little more insight into what the gaming world is, particularly for women in gaming.

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What is the future of gaming industry in Kenya?

November 20, 2017 11:41:01 PM EAT / by Muthoni Njoki posted in software development, mobile apps, game design, Rob Homewood, NAICCON, AfriDesignX, gaming development, Game Development, software engineer


Video Game Industry in Kenya

“The gaming industry is bigger than the film and music industry combined. The most entertaining product, Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) sold over a $1,000,000,000 in the first 24 hours. The demand and market for games is huge.” - Rob Homewood.

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Who is a Data Scientist?

October 11, 2017 10:23:00 AM EAT / by Muthoni Njoki posted in data science classes, Data Science Kenya, Chris Orwa


Q&A: Anatomy of a Data Scientist

 I caught up with Chris Orwa a talented and leading data scientist based out of Nairobi, Kenya. He is the Head of Data Science at Brave Venture Labs, a writer at The Dependent Variable and his blog Black Orwa, and a physical trainer. He’s also a mentor. He writes on a lot of subjects that bite his Data Science bug, practical things that people want to solve. So, taking a quantitative approach, he gathers data, analyzes it and reports on it on his blog.

It’s also worth noting that he drinks a lot of coffee

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How to get started with wedding Photography

October 6, 2017 10:00:00 AM EAT / by Abigail Arunga posted in professional wedding photography, photography pricing, Onyango Ayany, photography course, photography school, wedding photography


My name is Onyango Ayany and I live in Nairobi, Kenya. I also run my own production company, RNV Media, with three of my friends.
I have been working professionally as a photographer for the last 7 years, as a cinematographer for the last 3 years and “playing” with cameras for over 20 years.  I take pictures & make films about people, food, architecture and culture. My taste in photography is eclectic and I never shy away from a challenge.
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Tips on succeeding as a music producer

October 4, 2017 10:00:00 AM EAT / by Abigail Arunga posted in music production, Tim Rimbui, Waabeh, musical relationships, Ennovatormusic, The Kenyan Music Industry


Considering a career as a music producer ?

Tim Rimbui a producer and founder of the record label Waabeh, as well as Ennovatormusic. Ennovatormusic is a boutique Audio-Visual production company based in Nairobi, Kenya. His work has been heard around the world on projects by Warner Bros, Universal Music Group, BBC, MTV, Endemol Shine Africa, Coke Studio Africa, and Ogilvy Africa, just  to name a few. ADMI asked him to share some tips on succeeding as a music producer, how he got into it and what impact his work has had.

1. How did Ennovator Music come about?

Ennovatormusic was conceived when I was in high school in St. Mary’s circa 1998-99. It’s when I first got paid to write and produce some tracks for a gospel rap trio. Fast forward to 2017, we have been blessed and fortunate enough to work with a lot of big brands and artists. But the idea still remains the same: create some fire in your ears and now your eyes!

2. What are some of your favourites, in your repertoire, to have been behind?

It would be hard to say which are my favourites, but at the top of mind would be the work with Warner Bros for the pamoja Mtaani Video game, Phy, Rabbit, Kiu, Khaligraph, Atemi and Ksouth, Eric Wainaina, and even the Omenerds Podcast!! I also loved the work we did on Coke Studio, as well as Maisha Superstar.

3. Why did you think Waabeh, the audio marketplace for music, was a good idea? 

It is a good idea as there is growing audience that actually wants to buy music, online, and without stress. Waabeh created value for both the musicians and their fans.


4. What is most complicated about music production? What are Kenyans doing wrong?

Production is more business than talent, that’s the harder part. Anyone can be talented. There are several thousand folks who are very talented but don’t know where the next meal is coming from. Converting the talent into bank notes as always the hardest part of what we do.

Kenyans are actually doing nothing wrong. It’s the ecosystem that lets them down. We compare ourselves with countries [Nigeria, TZ, SA] that have legislation that forces the media to play more than 70-90% music/videos local content. If we did that for even 5 years the results would be amazing. Secondly, we tend to confuse Nairobi with the rest of Kenya, in that, whereas the urban stations play foreign music, the rest that target the other 46 counties do play music from here and it shows in that those artists are actually in some ways more popular and well to do than the 'urban' ones.

5. Do you think school is important, in terms of musical schooling, for musicians, and producers, and everyone involved in the making of, say, a track? How much did you learn on the job?

An education is important, it will always be as it is a safety net for adulthood, and that does not just mean a degree in music theory, production or how to be a music video/film/tv producer. It also means the other things like marketing, PR, Law and IP (Intellectual Property), Business, et al - that add up to success. The flip side is that even with a degree, the entertainment industry is still 100% relationship based. You have to start at the bottom and build your relationships and skills. I believe the two go hand in hand. Personally, even with the schooling that have, I would attribute more to learning on the job.

Music production

Join ADMI Music production school today

Are you cosindering joining the music industry? Here are some important tips on how you can survive in the creative industry.

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How to get your own comic book done and published.

September 27, 2017 9:00:00 AM EAT / by Abigail Arunga posted in Animation, animation and motion graphics, Motion Graphics, Point Blank Evumbi, comic books, Kenyan comic books


You know Emmanuel Nyakwada as Point Blank Evumbi, if you are at all interested in the world of graphics and animation in Kenya. Point Blank is a performing artist, event host, illustrator and animator currently known for comic book publishing and his yet to be released 2D animation feature film. We asked him what animation is all about.

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What does a software engineer do?

September 22, 2017 10:00:00 AM EAT / by Abigail Arunga posted in software engineering, software design, information on software engineering, what does a software engineer do?, David Mabiria, Strategic Technologies, Magunga Bookstore


David Mabiria is a serial entrepreneur. He's the founder of Strategic Technologies, co-founder of Magazine Reel & Magunga Bookstore, which all happened because of his main hustle: being a software engineer. It might sound like a fancy term, which is why we got up close and candid with him to find out: what exactly does a software engineer do?
DM: Makes software.

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So you want to be a graphic designer?

September 13, 2017 3:21:35 PM EAT / by Abigail Arunga posted in graphic design, graphic design colleges, logo design, Ian Arunga, graphic design classes


We talked to one of the best ones in the game - Ian Arunga, who is the Art Director for FCB Sema House, who started off as a graphic designer himself.
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